About the LLC...


The lumberyard has been a fixture in the Eskridge community for over 60 years.  The previous owners had purchased Eskridge Lumber Company in 1970 and ran a successful business over a few decades, but last year they made a personal decision to put the company up for sale and step away.  A small group formed with the intention of purchasing and continuing to run the business, and through their efforts roughly 30 people stepped forward with an interest in forming an LLC to invest in the company.  Eskridge Lumber Company closed the last day of April and Eskridge Lumber LLC opened for business on May 2, 2016 without interruption of service.  The vast majority of member-owners live in or near the Eskridge and Lake Wabaunsee areas, and the ones that do not have some other vested interest in the community.  

The members have elected a group of 5 of their own to serve on a rotating management board.  Harold Warner serves as President of the Board. Randy Kemp is our General Manager.  Jack Foster, Tuff Stephenson and Bailey Becker also assist behind the counter.  Hanna Rush handles the bookkeeping and accounting.

You may have noticed some changes, and chances are you’ll notice a few more as we continue to improve.  Please keep us in mind whether you are building or remodeling your home, in need of farm supplies, or taking on a weekend project.  We are your neighbors, friends, and family and we truly appreciate your decision to do business with us!  Thank you for stopping by to see us today!